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Deborah M Recommends Michael Rada

We had been long overdue in making an estate plan.  The COVID pandemic gave us the motivation to finally do it.  I had signed up for a legal services plan at work the prior year during open enrollment, and Michael Rada was one of the options for this type of work.  He responded to my inquiry on his website within 24 hours, and initial phone contact was scheduled within 3 days.  He agreed to do the job, sent us questionnaires to complete, and within 3 weeks of my initial inquiry, sent us the initial drafts, including wills, living wills, and powers of attorney for healthcare and property for my husband and for myself, as well as a transfer on death instrument for our house.  After 1 more phone meeting, the documents were finalized.  I cannot speak highly enough of how promptly and professionally this whole process was handled by Mr. Rada, and how he adapted this process to the pandemic situation.  I will use his services again and highly recommend him to others.. 

– Deborah M


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