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Virtual Estate Planning


Due to current events, we are only offering Virtual Estate Planning at this time. Please contact us to learn more on how this convenient and easy to use option may be right for you.

Many estate plans can be done virtually so there is no need to take a day off of work for an in-office visit for document reviews or signings. Using our secure and confidential client portal along with telephone calls, mail or video conferencing, we can discuss  your estate planning needs, collect all required information, review documents and exchange drafts of your estate plan documents all in an easy to follow convenient process. Using these tools, we can customize how your plan is delivered to fit your needs.

How do I sign my documents?

Once the documents are finished, you can receive the final documents either electronically or in the mail and sign them in front of your witnesses and a notary in the location of your choosing. Many clients have done this at work or in their own home. We will provide detailed instructions on how to execute the documents making them legal without having to come to our offices. We will also provide recommendations of places that offer notary services (such as banks and UPS Stores) as well as suggestions for mobile notaries that come to you.

Do I need witnesses?

You will need two witnesses for the signing of the documents.  Your witness will not see the contents of your documents. They will only know they are witnessing your signing of an estate plan.

The following describes how to best choose your witnesses.

The following individuals should NOT be chosen as a witness for your estate planning documents:

  • Anyone under the age of 18.

  • Anyone who may profit or benefit from your estate plan and their relatives.

  • Anyone designated in your estate plan, for example as executor, trustee, Power of Attorney Agent.

  • Your spouse.

  • Any family members, or spouses of family members.

  • Anyone who is directly involved in your direct care as a caretaker or medical professional.

  • Someone who is blind.

  • Someone who no longer possesses sound mental capacity.


Unless a member of one of the above categories, witnesses can include friends, neighbors and co-workers. In addition, your witnesses can be strangers and individuals who are not acquaintances of yours. 

What do I do with my documents after they are signed?

Once the documents are signed, they are yours to keep in a safe place. There is no need to file them with a court. The exception is a deed which does need to be recorded with the county - but we can take care of that for you.

Many clients have taken advantage of this convenient method for preparing their estate plan. Virtual estate planning offers great convenience, as well as the security and confidence that your plan is being drafted by an experienced estate planning lawyer. Please do not trust the online downloadable forms that you can find all over the internet at rock-bottom prices. They are often poorly written and not tailored to your needs. You need a lawyer to make sure you have the right documents. We are here to help!

Please ask if virtual estate planning is right for you!