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Estate Planning 

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Experienced Estate Planning at an Affordable Price

Virtual Estate Planning


Planning for YOUR legacy is one of the greatest gifts you can give. 

Please Note:

Due to current events, we are only offering Virtual Estate Planning at this time. Please contact us to learn more on how this convenient and easy to use option may be right for you. All steps of your Estate Plan can easily be completed virtually and many clients have already used this option. Click HERE to learn more.

Why You Can Trust The Law Offices of Michael Rada for Your Estate Planning Needs?

Estate Planning is My Primary Focus

As Estate Planning is a primary focus of my practice, I promise to deliver a customized set of documents that not only fit your exact needs, but also fit your budget. As an experienced estate planning attorney, I understand that these plans are not a "one size fits all" situation. Each individual or family has their own specific needs. I will do all that I can to work with you to understand those needs, share my insight and ides and collaborate with you to determine what package is right for YOUR needs. I will not try to sell you a plan or document that you don't need. My only interest is to give you the Right plan that fits YOUR individual needs.

Please Note: We are not currently taking cases regarding decedent's estates or probate. 

How is My Firm Different?

I often am asked how do I compete with the high volume of larger estate planning firms in the area. The answer is, I don't. My focus and priority is different. Being a solo law firm, my focus is on the client who is looking for an estate plan that fits their needs at a price they can be comfortable with. Because I am not a firm of 10-20 lawyers with a staff of several paralegals and support personnel, my costs are much lower. All law firms are forced to pass their payroll and operating costs on to their clients in their rates. The advantage my clients see is that I have far less costs to pass on - and thus my rates are considerably lower. Now, the attorneys at the larger firms do great work and are fine attorneys. It is just that they have more costs to cover and revenue goals to meet that you as their client will be forced to cover. 

When you hire my firm you will work with me 100% of the time. So that I may give each and every client the attention they deserve, I keep a case load that is manageable. My priority is client satisfaction, not client volume. Most emails and calls are answered within one business day, often times much quicker.  You will not be charged for emails or asking additional questions. You will not be charged extra for additional, but reasonable edits or draft changes. I encourage my clients to ask any and all questions as I believe it is vital that they understand what they will be signing and feel fully informed.


Please let me know if you would like to discuss more on why my firm may just be the perfect fit for your estate planning needs

Carefully Tailored Individualized Documents

When you hire The Law Offices of Michael Rada, you won't be getting "cookie-cutter" documents such as would be the case if you were to get your documents through one of the many online estate planning websites. With my firm, you will receive documents that are carefully tailored to meet your particular situation.


We are Efficient and Focused on Your Convenience

Most estate plans can be done with efficient telephone calls and email communications. Except in specific cases, there is no need to come to my office. However, if you prefer, I am more than happy to meet in my Barrington office. In addition, I offer a self-service signing option where I send to you your final documents with detailed instructions on how to properly sign the documents such that you and your witnesses can easily sign the documents at your convenience in front of a Notary. Many clients have taken advantage of this convenient option with great success. 

Quick Turnaround of Your Documents

I have been told that some people have waited as long as 3 months to receive their draft documents. With me, you will receive your drafts quickly, many times within a week or so. Most estate plans require less than 4-5 weeks from start to finish once I have received your intake information. 


A Simple Process

The process is simple. You will start by filling out an intake form that outlines all of the data needed to draft your estate plan documents. If more information is needed, a follow-on phone call is usually all that is needed. Once the draft documents are complete, you will have an opportunity to review them at your leisure and suggest any edits or changes needed.


Easy to Understand Pricing

All prices are fixed fee and determined before work begins.  I believe that the client should have full visibility on what they will pay before the work begins. For that reason I publish my prices right here on my website!


Please view my price list here.

Please Note:

- You will be required to have two witnesses present at the signing of your documents. These can be anyone who is not mentioned in the documents in any way, or is not your healthcare provider. If you are unable to provide your own witnesses, we can provide them for you at an additional fee of $100 at my Barrington office location.

- As part of the process, we will send to you drafts of your documents for your review. These documents can be sent to you either by US Mail or through our secure electronic portal where you can read and download them from your computer or mobile device. We encourage everyone to go paperless. If you elect to receive your draft documents electronically, your final price will be reduced by $25.

Convenient Document Signing Options

For signing your documents, there are several options. First, I can send you your final document packet with detailed instructions on how to execute. Then, you can sign the documents in the presence of your witnesses and notary public at your convenience. Many people do this at work, or with friends or neighbors.


Also, you and your witnesses can come to my office for the signing of the documents. 


Let's Get Started on YOUR Estate Plan..

To learn more and to get started, I invite you to schedule a no cost / no obligation telephone consultation with me. You can do so right now by clicking HERE.

I promise to do all that I can to understand your needs, earn your trust and your business.

Please see the links below or contact me today to learn more.

Contact Us for the Experienced Drafting of these Estate Plan Documents:

  • Wills

  • Revocable Living Trusts

  • Pour-Over Will

  • Living Will

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Property

  • HIPAA Medical Release Form

  • Transfer on Death Instrument

  • Letters of Direction

  • Will Codicils

  • Trust Amendments

  • Certificate of Trust

  • NFA Firearms Gun Trusts

  • Anatomical Gift Directives

  • Executor Affidavits

  • Pet Trusts

  • and other documents

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