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Divorce and Family Law

Local Attorneys Serving Clients in Cook, Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage, Kendall & Will Counties

Note: I am currently not taking new family law cases that require litigation or in-court appearances. I am only providing family & divorce mediation services at this time. Please see my mediation page for more info.

Filing for a divorce, being served with divorce papers, or having to navigate through a difficult family legal issue is one of the worst times in anyone’s life. Our team of divorce and family law attorneys concentrate their practices in family law and can help clients work through the complex court system while doing all that is in their power to achieve the best possible outcome.

Whether the situation requires aggressive advocacy, or a gentler hand, our family-law and divorce attorneys can help arrange for parenting time with the children, divide assets and liabilities, plan for the future through division of retirement benefits or payment of maintenance, and provide for the support of the children through college.

Don't wait to contact us. In many cases there are significant timelines that must be met. We can help you determine the next steps in getting the representation you need and work towards the outcome that you deserve - all at an affordable price in a client-focused and friendly setting.

Most cases are billed at a rate of $275/hr and require a $2,000 retainer.

In addition to the traditional "full-service representation" at reasonable rates, we offer a variety of innovative services to persons faced with legal issues regarding divorce and family. This includes both contested and uncontested divorce, parenting time and allocation of parenting decision making responsibilities (formally called visitation and custody) and child support. We understand that not everyone can afford the huge fees and up-front retainer payments that most "full service" representation may require, however, also believe that the self-represented litigant (pro se) is best served with at least some legal representation helping them navigate through the difficult waters ahead. For that reason, in addition to traditional full representation, I offer to our clients both limited scope unbundled services and family law mediation services.

***IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not take high-conflict cases or cases involving restraining orders, DCFS, child abuse, domestic violence, incarceration, paternity disputes, guardianship  or adoption. Cases such as these require an attorney who concentrates in those areas specifically and are not appropriate for the type of legal service that we provide.***


Limited Scope / Unbundled Services

Limited Scope Representation is also referred to as “Unbundling” or “Limited Scope Services." Here you will work with your lawyer to determine which legal services you want performed by the lawyer and which one you will do yourself rather than the full package of traditionally offered services. The scope of services to be provided by a lawyer may be limited by agreement with the client or by the terms under which the lawyer’s services are made available to the client.


Limited Scope Representation means that you and your attorney agree that you will perform some of the tasks associated with your case, and the attorney will perform others. For example, you and your attorney may agree that you will gather all of the case records needed for your case, and your attorney will draft your petition. Once the petition is drafted, you will be responsible for e-filing the petition yourself and attending any hearings scheduled in your matter. Even if you decide that you do not want to pay for your attorney’s attendance at your hearing, you may still find it beneficial to have your attorney help you prepare for the hearing. Note that this is purely an example and any number of creative and cost-savings scenarios can be devised.

Limited Scope Representation may allow you to obtain the assistance of an attorney when you have questions, while still keeping your legal expenses affordable. You can get help with parts of your case that are too difficult to handle. You may not have enough money to hire an attorney to handle your entire case. You can hire an attorney for the most difficult parts of your case and limit he amount of money you must pay.

In addition, many clients hire us to help them through the procedures, draft documents and responses, and coach them for court. However, they personally go to court and not the attorney. In many cases, nobody can tell the story or answer questions about the particular situation better than the client, and a well-prepared client can be at a great advantage versus having an attorney speak for them


Our firm believes that parties who are contemplating divorce are often times best served attempting to resolve their differences at the conference table rather than in the courtroom. I firmly believe that mediation can be the most efficient, cost effective and least stressful way for parties to come to agreement. In a high percentage of cases, clients are best served attempting to mediate their issues in a collaborative manner before assuming that the courtroom is their only choice. For this reason, Michael holds a certificate in Family and Divorce Mediation.  Taking your divorce into the courtroom requires you to give up the control you will want during the process. In court, you leave incredibly important decisions regarding your property and your children to the attorneys and the Judge. The results are truly unpredictable. In mediation, you are in control of the outcome. You decide on what you can and cannot agree to. 

Divorce or Post-Decree conflicts can be stressful, complicated and full of difficult considerations, even if you are parting ways on amicable terms. The scariest part is not knowing what will happen at each stage and how it will ultimately look in the decree and in your post-divorce life. Our goal is to take the mystery and anxiety out of divorce and other family law related matters by guiding clients through a structured mediation process, giving them the knowledge needed to make good decisions. I want to help you to a stronger future.

If you are contemplating divorce and wish to better understand if divorce mediation is an option, please contact the Law Offices of Michael Rada, LLC to discuss your situation and see what options are available to you.  I may be able to offer clients lower initial retainer fees, payment plans, or other creative fee agreements that allow you to solve your issue at an affordable price. 

The initial 30 minute consultation is always free and at no obligation whatsoever. Your rights and goals in your family law matter are far too important to delay. In some cases, failure to act promptly could cause you to lose all of your rights! Call today to find out how the Law Offices of Michael Rada, LLC can be of assistance to you.