Providing Family & Divorce Law Consultation to Self-Represented Individuals

Serving Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage and Will Counties in Illinois

Do you need legal advice, but can't afford or don't want to retain a lawyer?

We provide innovative legal services for self-represented individuals in family and divorce matters

To learn more about our cost efficient services and to see if they are right for your particular case, please set up a free 15 minute phone consultation so that we assess your needs and determine next best steps.

When dealing with family law disputes, life can be overwhelming. We help you solve the critical problems each client faces under these circumstances. 

Contact us for expert advice and legal consultation for self-represented persons dealing with issues in the following family law areas:

Parental Rights

Child Support


Spousal Maintenance

IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not take high-conflict cases or cases involving restraining orders, DCFS, child abuse, domestic violence, incarceration, paternity disputes, guardianship or adoption.


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Do you have questions or need legal advice about a divorce or family law matter, but not yet ready to hire a lawyer or can't afford to do so? If so, our 1-hour Family & Divorce Law Strategy Session is the perfect way to get legal advice about your family law matter at an affordable cost. Book your Family & Divorce Law Strategy Session by clicking on the button below. The cost for the call is $275 (non-refundable, paid at time of booking). This call differs from a legal consultation in that here you can get legal advice and guidance focused on your particular case and needs. Please see the terms and conditions for this call HERE.


Access to family law legal support should be as affordable as possible for everyone. This is why I offer consultative services for family and divorce law self-represented individuals.

Without the benefit of legal counsel you may find yourself with an unenforceable agreement, an agreement that contains bad terms, or even at a situation where there is a clear power imbalance between you and your spouse or you are just are uncertain about what is going to happen or how to handle your case. All of these problems can end up costing more money to fix down the road and cost you more stress and regret because you did not effectively handle the situation at the necessary time.


Not everyone wants to or can afford a lawyer to handle their case, but you should know that you can have access to legal advice and/or limited legal services which can help you settle your case with more confidence and be comfortable knowing that what you are agreeing to you are doing with full knowledge of the law and its ramifications.

What does this level of service provide? 

Here are just some examples.

1. Making sure your positions are reasonable and helping you advance your positions
2. Consulting with you during your case to review and evaluate your analysis of your own case as well as your spouse’s analysis and positions
3. strategizing how your case can best move forward and/or helping you develop a negotiation strategy
4. helping you prepare for mediations or a settlement conference(s)
5. reviewing your settlement agreement or mediated settlement agreement
6. helping you prepare your discovery documents including a financial affidavit
7. working with you to produce child support figures, a reasonable spousal maintenance (alimony) amount, or helping you develop a position relating to a property settlement.

These are just an example of how I can help you. Each case is unique and I have helped individuals in a variety of interesting ways tailored to meet their needs. So many spouses who are trying to work their divorce out themselves have sought out this type of limited assistance. 

In this capacity, I would be working with you only on a limited scope basis and under a Limited Scope of Representation. Payment would generally be made based strictly on the service(s) provided and nothing more. I would not be undertaking full representation of you in your case under a limited scope contract; however, should we decide together that full representation is what you need, I will gladly refer you to attorneys that will be right for you. 

If you think you would benefit from this form of legal services in your family law case, do not hesitate to give me a call.