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FAQ-How much does and estate plan, will or trust cost?

Q: How much does and estate plan, will or trust cost?

A:  One of first questions I get when I speak to a prospective client regarding their estate planning needs is "How much will my estate plan cost?"

There is no one answer to this question as the range varies greatly from law firm to law firm. A lot of the pricing is dependent on the complexity of the work and how complicated the estate plan will be. Only through dialogue with the prospective client can an attorney quote a price for an estate planning matter.

Some attorneys price their work by the hour, others offer fixed fees with the potential for an up-charge if the work requires more time than originally anticipated. 

I believe that you should know what you are going to pay BEFORE you hire us. Therefore, I will give you a quote for a final fixed price for preparing your estate plan before any work begins. If there is the possibility of additional fees such as the recording of documents with your county, you will have full visibility of these charges in your engagement agreement. Of course, if your plan requires significantly more work than expected, there may be an additional fee, but no additional work will be performed until you approve. In short, you should never be surprised at the final price of your estate plan and are always in control of what you are willing to spend.

Providing up-front fixed-fee pricing is just one of the ways that I provide an honest, fair and affordable service to my clients. I am happy to discuss estate planning pricing in more detail with you. I invite you to set up a consultation with me at your convenience.​


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