Benefits of Mediation

The Law Offices of Michael Rada, LLC. believes that, in many cases, disputes are best handled at the conference table, rather than in the courtroom through an alternative dispute resolution process known as Mediation. Mediation is the collaborative coming together of adverse parties to discuss each side’s point of view, discuss settlements or “meet-half way” resolutions and resolve their differences. In mediation, the parties have significantly more control over the outcome of their issue, have a much better chance to be heard and will have the opportunity to resolve their differences in a collaborative rather than adversarial environment. Mediation has been proven beneficial in many types of disputes, including family law and divorce, estate and probate conflict and contract disputes.

It is usually less stressful.
Mediation is conducted in a neutral setting, like someone's office or a conference room, with a trained mediator and, if you wish, your attorney. The atmosphere is conducive to resolution, not confrontation, thereby resulting in more relaxed negotiations.


It is usually much less expensive.

The most expensive component of taking disputed issues to trial is the time spent in court. Mediation generally costs less than a courtroom proceeding or going to trial to resolve the  issues.


You stay in control.

Mediation allows you to negotiate and decide the outcome of your case yourself. Because you will be focusing on resolution directly and not relying on a judge to determine the outcome of your case, you maintain control throughout the negotiation process. You are able to make decisions you know are in your best interest.


You often save time.

It can be years before a case makes it to trial. However, in most cases, your issue can be resolved in just a few mediation sessions in a very short amount of time. In fact, many disputes are resolved in just a few  sessions!