Scanning Apps for Smartphones

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From time to time you may wish to send to me scans of documents. Many people simply use their smartphone camera to take a picture of the document and send the photo to me. Unfortunately, the quality of the images that I receive are often times poor and sometimes unreadable.


It is best that the images you send to me are in PDF format. This is the format that larger scanners use to send images that they create.


I recommend an app called TurboScan that allows you to scan your document, whether it is one page or several, using your smartphone. This app will then let you send a much clearer image in PDF format by email right from your phone. Using this app, you simply take a picture of the document and send it by email  - all from right within the app itself. There is no need for a separate printer/scanner or a trip to a store providing those services. 


The app is available for both Android and iPhones. I believe there is a small purchase charge of about $6.00.


More information on the app, including installation directions, can be found at:


For the IPhone:


For Android phones:


Please note that there are quite a few other mobile scanners available and many of them work just fine. However I have had good success with TurboScan and use it in my own practice.