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Full Service Trademark Registration: $650 + USPTO Fees for 1 mark
Comprehensive Trademark Search: $500 per mark

Serving Trademark clients in all 50 states

Our firm assists clients from all 50 states in the process of performing Trademark Clearance Searches and Trademark Applications. We will guide you through the process and make it as simple as possible so that you can get on with the task of running your business. We understand the critical steps that must be taken to register your trademark and protect your brand. 

Just like you, we are a small business. We understand your needs, mindset and aspirations. You can trust us to partner with you to protect your brand and business.

All pricing is fixed fee so you don't have to worry about how much the process will cost. Our pricing is very competitive and affordable.

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Do you have questions about the trademark process, but not yet ready to hire a lawyer? If so, our 1-hour Trademark Strategy Session is the perfect way to get legal advice about your trademark application at an affordable cost. Book your Trademark Strategy Session by clicking on the button below. The cost for the call is $150 (non-refundable, paid at time of booking). This call differs from a consultation in that here you can get legal advice and guidance focused on your particular needs, while in the consultation, we only discuss your needs at a high level and cannot provide legal advice. For more information, please see the Trademark Strategy Session terms and conditions HERE.

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Three-month payment plans available for all services priced $1,000 or more.

     (No additional fees for this option)

Trademark Comprehensive Search + Registration Bundle

  • Includes all tasks in Comprehensive search and Trademark Registration Plans listed below

  • 3-Month payment plans available.

Comprehensive Trademark Search Only

  • Comprehensive trademark clearance search for each mark searched.

  • We search federal register, state registers, social media, internet domains, and other common law sources for potential conflicts.

  • You will receive an Attorney opinion letter outlining the risks of potential conflicts.

  • Discussion with Attorney Michael Rada to go over the search results.

Trademark Registration Only

  • Consultations with Attorney Michael Rada.

  • Basic federal "knock-out" search performed on your mark.  (It is highly suggested that you also purchase a Comprehensive Trademark Search as well for all marks you wish to register.)

  • Your trademark application filed Attorney Michael Rada.

  • Application monitoring through entire process.

  • All tasks performed electronically. No need to mail paperwork.

  • We handle all non-substantive office actions received from the USPTO.

  • All applications use TEAS Standard to minimize potential additional fees at time of application.

Current USPTO Trademark Fee Schedule can be found on the USPTO website by clicking HERE.

Other Services Available:  

Trademark Office Action Responses

  • Draft and file a response to your substantive on non-substantive office action.

  • All prices will be quoted as flat fee after we have reviewed your office action.

Filing Section 8 Declaration of Use

  • Sworn Statement of Use or Excusable Nonuse of the Trademark

Filing Section 8 and 9 Declaration of Use

  • Combined 10 year declaration of use and/or excusable nonuse and application for renewal

Filing Section 15 Declaration of Incontestability

  • This is a signed statement that the owner claims incontestable rights in a trademark and continuous use of the trademark for five years. 

  • Following the filing of a Section 15 declaration, the trademark becomes incontestable.

  • Once a trademark is incontestable, various aspects of the registration cannot be challenged by third parties (such as the trademark’s validity). 

Sorry, we are currently not accepting international clients and trademark litigation matters.

Let's discuss how we can help you...

Our firm assists clients from all 50 states in the process of performing Trademark Clearance Searches and Trademark Applications. We will guide you through the process and make it as simple as possible so that you can get on with the task of running your business. We understand the critical steps that must be taken to register your trademark and protect your brand. 

Just like you, we are a small business. We understand your needs, mindset and aspirations. You can trust us to partner with you to protect your brand and business.

If you have received an Office Action in response to your Trademark Application, we can help there as well. We will draft and submit office action responses to both substantive and non-substantive office actions addressing the USPTO's questions and concerns in a professional and legal-based manner. Please see below for more information on our Office Action services.

All pricing is fixed fee so you don't have to worry about how much the process will cost. Our pricing is very competitive and affordable.

How Will Your Trademark Case Be Handled?


We offer a free phone consultation or Strategy Session to discuss your needs and answer all of your questions.


We will perform a comprehensive search to look for existing potential conflicts. You will receive a written attorney opinion letter outlining the risks of potential conflicts in your application.


We file the trademark  application for you and take care of all of the paper work needed to get your application started.


Once the application is submitted, we will keep a close eye on your case and keep you informed of updates as your application proceeds through the USPTO system.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, design, either alone or as a combination, that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services of one party from those of others.  Trademark rights are acquired either by registering a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or by using a trademark in commerce to sell goods and/or services.

Unlike copyright or patent protection, which can only be protected for certain periods of times, trademark protection can last indefinitely so long as the owner of the trademark continues to use the trademark and maintain the registration with the USPTO.

Using our easy to follow process, we will handle all of your Trademark Registration Needs from end  to end giving you a solid advantage that your mark will be accepted by the USPTO so that you can rest easy that one of your most valuable company assets is protected.

What is a Trademark Search?

Before an application is made to register a trademark with the USPTO, we highly recommend performing a comprehensive trademark conflict search to assess the risk of your mark conflicting with another mark which could result in costly fines, penalties and legal action, as well as the need to change your company name, logo or slogan. By performing this search in the beginning stages of your business lifecycle, you will be able to steer clear of costly roadblocks before they become issues. Our comprehensive search not only looks at marks in the federal registry, but we also look in state registries, social media and other online presence that may create a conflict.

In contrast, a basic "knock-out" search simply looks for exact matches or very similar matches of trademarks registered or in the process of being registered in the USPTO trademark registry. It does not look for same or similar marks in other areas such as social media, state trademark registries or internet companies. 

Trademark FAQ:


Our prices are competitive and affordable. All prices are fixed price. Please set up a consult or send us your information using the "contact us" button above so that we can discuss your needs and optimal pricing that works for you.


  • We provide full and comprehensive service and do better, and have no hidden fees all at a reasonable price. 

  • You get what you pay for. With us you work with a licensed attorney and can actually talk to your attorney. You won't deal with paralegals and we are not hidden behind a website.

  • We keep in touch with you and provide status on your application every step of the way!

  • We are consistently called by applicants who need help cleaning up their registration that was botched by one of the online services costing these clients far more in the end than they would have paid if they just contacted us first.​


  • Detailed intake process to minimize the chance of errors

  • Knock Out Search in all plans

  • Comprehensive search report and risk assessment

  • Written analysis of search results 

  • Your Trademark Application Filed with the USPTO

  • Consultations with your licensed attorney

  • Responding to informal office actions

  • Time-tested process to ensure efficiency and client satisfaction

  • All electronic process for speed and efficiency. No need to mail documents.


Responding to substantive office actions or oppositions from third parties are not included in the initial fixed price fee. Not all applications receive office actions from the USPTO, but many do.

Also, if your application is a 1(b) "Intent to Use" application, you will be asked to pay an additional USPTO fee ($100 per class as of Jan, 2021) when the Statement of Use certification is filed later in the application process.

Although more uncommon, other additional fees could be incurred during the application process.


  • Absolutely. This is critical and we highly recommend this level of search.

  • Your comprehensive search results are analyzed by a licensed attorney, before we recommend moving forward with a trademark filing.

  • The comprehensive search includes: federal registry, websites, social media, state registries, various databases, and common law trademarks.

  • The search is a predictive tool. Your search result will include an opinion letter as to how likely your trademark application will be met with an office action by the USPTO examining attorney. We do this by assigning a risk factor to your potential application. A "high risk" application is one that we feel has significant impediments and thus will likely be met by at least one substantive office action that will be difficult to overcome. A "low risk" application is one where we believe that no significant impediments exist and that the application should have little issue being approved. Most applications are rated as "medium risk." These are those applications where we believe impediments may exist, but that they more likely than not can be overcome by a solid response to the substantive office action. 

  • While the search is a valuable predictive tool, it is never a guarantee as the final say as to what impediments exist and whether they can be overcome lie exclusively in the hands of the USPTO attorneys.


In some cases, the examining attorney will identify an issue with a trademark application that requires a detailed legal-based argument as a defense to overcome a potential refusal. These are most commonly received when the examining attorney believes that the applicant's mark is similar and thus confusing to another mark already registered, or pending registration, merely describes the goods or services being sold, or is simply ornamental and not operating as a trademark identifying the source of the goods/services. Additionally, there are other reasons the examining attorney may raise questions that require a written response or defense before the examining attorney can move forward with the application. These are sent to the applicant in a substantive office action. These actions are substantive because they require more than a simple one- or two-line response. Instead, they require a comprehensive and persuasive legal argument to overcome the examining attorney's reasons for potentially refusing the mark. 


These responses, if needed, are not included in our base price. Pricing for this service is usually quoted at a fixed fee amount that is dependent on the complexity of the office action. In most cases, the price for this service starts at about $800.


The answer to this question can only be answered on a case by case basis. By performing a comprehensive search before starting the application process, we can assess your application's risk, and thus the relative probability that your application will be met with a substantive office action. Please see the section above on comprehensive search for more information. 


Trademark law is covered by Federal Law, which means that an attorney who is properly licensed in any state can represent clients throughout the entire United States. We routinely represent clients from all over the nation efficiently and without issue as everything is handled by telephone calls and email. There is never a need to see your attorney in person, but when the personal touch is needed, we are happy to jump on a video conference.


In most cases, you will receive your search report within one week of providing the requested information. The trademark application process can take between 11-14 months depending on what additional requests the USPTO examining attorney may make. Keep in mind that as soon as your application is submitted you accrue at least some trademark protection as your mark will now appear in the USPTO database as a pending mark, with protections over any similar later marks that may appear.


No. Nobody can. However the comprehensive search option will go a long way to better understand what you may be facing in your application and surface any potential conflicts that may exist.


No. Because our focus is on helping trademark and servicemark owners navigate through the confusing waters of the trademark application process, we concentrate on clients with that need. We do not take cases involving trademark infringement or litigation matters.

We Can Help With Office Actions

Experienced Trademark Lawyer

Let us prepare and submit your response to a USPTO office action to give you the best chance of getting your trademark approved.

Non-Substantive Office Actions  

Substantive Office Actions   

All Pricing Fixed Fee


  • Carefully crafted response tailored to your individual trademark and office action.

  • Review of similar marks for office actions, approvals and denials by the USPTO.

  • Consultation with attorney to discuss your mark and the office action response.

  • We will file the office action response on your behalf.

  • We will keep you up to date on progress and status once the response is filed.

Need more assistance?


Please contact us so that we can discuss your needs in more detail, get your questions answered and determine which plan is best for you.