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Trademark Services - Sample Price List

Consultation - 15 minute


Trademark Comprehensive Search and Opinion Only - 1 trademark


Trademark Registration Services Only - 1 trademark in 1 class of goods/services


Trademark Comprehensive Search plus Registration Services Bundle - 1 trademark in 1 class of goods/services


Trademark 1 Hour Strategy Session


Substantive Office Action Response - 1 trademark with 1 objection

$800 and up

3-Month Payment Plans may be available for services over $1,000

Other services are available - please ask

All prices are inclusive of USPTO Fees for that service (exclusions apply)

Pricing shown here are samples only, your pricing may vary due to complexity of your matter.

Trademark Strategy Session Terms & Conditions can be found HERE.



A sensible, practical and cost-effective approach to the practice of estate planning and trademark law ensuring our clients are fully informed and understand their options every step of the way. Regardless of the issue at hand, we always treat all parties with respect and dignity.

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