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The Law Offices of Michael Rada, LLC. - A Modern Law Practice Focused on Protecting Our Clients Interests

Thank you for your interest in The Law Offices of Michael Rada, LLC. for your Trademark Needs.

My passion is to help you protect your brand and help you grow your business!

As your attorney, I will provide you with knowledgeable and attentive Trademark legal services at an affordable price. I will do all we can to ensure that your needs are met, you get the honest representation that you deserve and you pay only for those services that you need.​​

I serve Trademark clients nationwide and am happy to represent virtually all types and sizes of businesses. 

Let's connect! I look forward to serving you.


A sensible, practical and cost-effective approach to the practice of trademark law ensuring our clients are fully informed and understand their options every step of the way. Serving clients in all types and sizes of business providing experienced trademark services including trademark search, trademark registration, USPTO office action responses and trademark consultation.

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