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Trademark Services

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Trademark Comprehensive Search + Registration Bundle

  • Includes all tasks in Comprehensive search and Trademark Registration Plans listed below.

Comprehensive Trademark Search Only

  • Comprehensive trademark clearance search for each mark searched.

  • We search federal register, state registers, social media, internet domains, and other common law sources for potential conflicts.

  • You will receive an Attorney opinion letter outlining the risks of potential conflicts.

  • Discussion with Attorney Michael Rada to go over the search results.

Trademark Registration Only

  • Telephone or Email consultations with Attorney Michael Rada.

  • Basic federal "knock-out" search performed on your mark.  (It is highly suggested that you also purchase a Comprehensive Trademark Search as well for all marks you wish to register.)

  • Your trademark application filed by Attorney Michael Rada.

  • Application monitoring through the entire process.

  • All tasks performed electronically. No need to mail paperwork.

  • We handle all non-substantive office actions and requests received from the USPTO.

  • All applications use TEAS Standard to minimize potential additional fees at time of application.

Current USPTO Trademark Fee Schedule can be found on the USPTO website by clicking HERE.

Other Services Available:  

Trademark Office Action Responses

  • Draft and file a response to your substantive on non-substantive office action.

  • Prices will be quoted as flat fee after we have reviewed your office action.

Filing Section 8 Declaration of Use

  • Sworn Statement of Use or Excusable Nonuse of the Trademark

Filing Section 8 and 9 Declaration of Use

  • Combined 10 year declaration of use and/or excusable nonuse and application for renewal

Filing Section 15 Declaration of Incontestability

  • This is a signed statement that the owner claims incontestable rights in a trademark and continuous use of the trademark for five years. 

  • Following the filing of a Section 15 declaration, the trademark becomes incontestable.

  • Once a trademark is incontestable, various aspects of the registration cannot be challenged by third parties (such as the trademark’s validity). 

We do not handle cases involving litigation, cease and desist or infringement matters.

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