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Can I Still Get a Paper Trademark Certificate?

In the past, once your trademark was registered by the USPTO, you, or your attorney, were sent a paper certificate of your trademark registration. This certificate was printed on heavy paper and was suitable for framing or display. Receiving this certificate was looked forward to by trademark applicants as it signified the successful completion of a sometimes confusing or difficult process that often-times could take up to two years from start to finish.

Now all that has changed. Effective May 24, 2022, the USPTO no longer sends paper trademark certificates to applicants at the completion of the registration process. Here is text from the USPTO website describing this change: 

Trademark registration certificates are no longer issued by printing the registration certificate on paper and mailing the certificate to the correspondence address of record. Instead, the registration is issued electronically by the USPTO under electronic signature of the Director and with a digital seal, which serves to authenticate the registration. The USPTO uploads official registration certificates to the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system and emails trademark owners and all email addresses of record a link to access their certificates upon issue. You can view, download, and print a complete copy of your registration certificate at any time and for no charge.

That said, you still can get a paper certificate of your trademark registration, although a processing fee of $25 is required.

You can learn more about this change and how to receive a paper trademark certificate at the USPTO WEBSITE.



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